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A Useful Guide to Prepping Your Holiday Home for Transportation

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Preparing your holiday home for transport
The MTMO Way

Putting your dream holiday home in the hands of someone else can be an unnerving notion, but, it doesn’t have to be.

In order for dedicated transport companies to de-site and/or transport your beloved holiday home, static caravan, luxury lodge or park home safely and securely, there are a few steps you need to take. Here at MTMO, we’re going to help you take them.

Here are 5 ways to safeguard your holiday home when it’s time to transport your caravan or lodge to a new location.

Step 1: Protect Your Valuables

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Before your static caravan or holiday home hits the road, it will most likely have to be de-sited. This process can be lengthy and complicated, especially if your belongings and possessions are not fastened down and stored safely and securely.

To protect your belongings from damage, ensure you wrap them up cautiously in materials and textiles designed to protect fragile items, for instance, bubble wrap and newspaper. Secure your safeguarded belongings in boxes on the floor, especially if they’re heavy. This guarantees security, reducing hazardous risks and limiting the probability of damaged goods whilst your holiday home is in transit.

Items that should be shielded and secured include:

  • Hanging wall mirrors
  • Hanging pictures
  • Photo frames
  • Cups, mugs and other forms of glassware
  • Plates and dishes
  • Cutlery
  • Kettles
  • Toasters
  • Lamps
  • Other loose items and goods

Step 2: Protect Your Caravan

Caravan Chassis Transport Safety North Wales

As well as keeping your items safe, don’t forget to protect your static caravan whilst it’s being collected and transported to its new destination. To do this, make sure all your belongings are wrapped, boxed, and safely stowed away on the floor at the centre of your holiday home, if possible. This balances out the load and safeguards the base frame or chassis of your caravan/luxury lodge.

The chassis is the floor pan of your holiday home. When towed and/or winched onto the transportation lorry bed, the chassis can bend and contort if the load inside is packed incorrectly. This occurs when heavy items are placed to the rear or front of your holiday home, causing an imbalance. This can affect your holiday home’s structure and its longevity both inside and out.

To help determine where the centre of your holiday home is, place your carefully packed belongings in the central area of your caravan. You can locate this midway point by looking where the central wheels of your caravan chassis sit. Doing this will help you safeguard your holiday home and belongings, making the journey easier for those manoeuvring and transporting your caravan or lodge.

Step 3: Securing Doors and Drawers

Before the transportation of your caravan begins, make sure all doors are shut and/or locked closed. In addition, cupboards and draws should be emptied where possible and carefully taped closed if necessary. Doing so will prevent damage from occurring to the interior of your holiday home whilst it is in transit.

Although it is not advisable to keep items in your cupboards and draws, if you have no alternative, ensure they are stacked and assembled carefully.

Without taking these security factors into consideration, your beloved possessions can be damaged whilst in transit. Drawers and cupboards can fly open, not only damaging your worldly goods but in some cases, putting others in danger during/after the transportation process.

Step 4: Check Tyre Pressure

Acorn Caravan Transport Holiday Home Tire Pressure North Wales

Making sure your holiday home on wheels, has the right tyre pressure is important.

Tyres that are under or over inflated can cause problems when it comes to maneuvering your caravan – whatever its size.

When a tyre is deflated, it can wear and tear at a faster rate leaving you with an unwanted bill for a replacement.

Whereas an over inflated tyre leads to poor grip and inadequate traction, resulting in erosion and quick deterioration when the caravan is being moved on to a transporter or new pitch.

On the other hand, when a tyre is perfectly inflated, the steering of the caravan improves, along with the grip, traction and longevity of the tyres, saving you money, time and the added heartache of an accident caused by a blow out.

You can tell when your tyre pressure is too low, too high or just right, by looking out for signs. For example, if the tyre looks like it’s ballooning, it means the pressure is too low. This diagram will help you spot the signs of an over inflated or deflated tyre.

From left to right: A safe, proper inflated tyre, underinflated tyre and overinflated tyre.

Of course, there are easier, more reliable ways to check if your tyre pressure. Both methods are also relatively simple: –

  • Using a digital tyre pressure gauge
  • Using an analogue tyre pressure gauge

To calculate the best tyre pressure for your caravan, check the manufacturers manual for your holiday home model. If you are unable to do so, contact a dealer or merchant who will be happy to help you with your queries. Alternatively check your tyre pressure requirements via calculators available online.

It is recommended that you check your own holiday home’s tyre pressure before it is moved or transported. Although the haulier will check it too, under their own health and safety procedures, your own extra safety check will provide you with peace of mind.

Step 5: Choosing the Right Company for You

Acorn Caravan Transport Company North Wales

Finally our last recommendation, is to find a reputable caravan transport company to move your caravan, as it is a specialist job, with no two moves ever being the same.

With many companies and businesses eager to lend a helping hand, the possibilities are limitless, but, here at MTMO we want to do the leg work for you.

With the professional team at Acorn Caravan Transport available to assist with all your caravan transport needs, when it is time to move, give them a call.

Find out more, or get in contact today by visiting the Acorn Caravan Transport website.