MTMO Story

The MTMO Story

The MTMO story has a beginning, but we have no ending, because here at MTMO we evolve, adapt, listen, learn and research what drives customer and audience expectations, needs, wants and desires.

Today we focus on providing visitors, holidaymakers and holiday homeowners with staycation information that will help them make the most of their time in North Wales, the birthplace of MTMO.

This allows us to support businesses and communities together for the benefit of all.

MTMO’s first steps

The Make The Most Of story started 8 years ago in a small shop in the smallest town in Wales with a Royal Charter (Caerwys). MTMO set up in the old butchers shop and offered selling space to local creatives and businesses to sell their wares into the community. That was the first stepping stone to understanding the true value of community connections and how physical spaces offered far more than just selling opportunities. The shop space became a place where people connected with each other – an important health & well-being factor for reducing isolation in an era where we watch the demise of the high street that we once knew and loved.

MTMO Story

The first chapter for digital Make The Most Of (MTMO) saw the work of creatives and makers from the local North Wales community going online in 2012. The challenges of e-commerce soon realised itself and actually demotivated sellers when commissions made their products too expensive to sell and ship. MTMO removed commissions and moved towards a fixed fee set-up, but the challenges were too great for many sellers. Creating what people wanted to buy was a challenge at times, as was taking good product photography and making volume. Many creatives preferred to stay local, indulge their hobbies and work with people they could see in the real world, all of which explains why so many craft fares work for creative people – it is their network afterall.

Sharing Information online is key for all businesses and communities in this digital age

Searching all over the internet for information can be time consuming, with search results often serving up irrelevant unhelpful data, which can mean many businesses who provide excellent services can be overlooked.

Information on the go - make the most of it!
Information on the go – make the most of it!

The way we engage and interact with each other is changing and the under 50’s generally look to the internet to find information about a product, service, place, business, organisation, or community BEFORE they engage. This in itself can be isolating, as it causes barriers to engagement, reducing interaction with real life situations and a change in customer perceptions and expectations. This is hard for business owners who have historically relied on word of mouth referrals, or traditional forms of marketing to get people to their physical door, rather than a facebook page or website.

Over 80% of us use the internet to source information before we make a decision about to do next. Businesses have to do what they can to be seen in Google searches to capitalise on attracting people to their door, especially as search on smart phones increases exponentially. This is borne out by the fact that over 90% of people search for information in the UK ‘on the go’? I am one of them – are you?

Sourcing relevant and important information has become a necessity for regional visitors, tourists, holidaymakers, holiday homeowners, consumers and businesses. We all prioritise and want to access the right information when we need it 24/7. Our expectations are geared to finding what we are looking for online – yesterday not tomorrow!  

Over the last 2 years MTMO has been working on a completely new digital advertising and marketing platform idea, that includes community connections too. We have listened to the problems facing organisations,  public sector agencies and businesses, especially in the tourism and hospitality sector. We believe that our holiday visitors and those who invest in holiday homes in North Wales are key to supporting the businesses who support the communities in which they operate. This in turn provides regional growth and prosperity to all who reside and stay in North Wales. Together North Wales thrives.

MTMO started its journey supporting the incredible Artisans and craftspeople we met along the way, all of whom are just as important to us today.

The next chapter in the MTMO story is all about connecting people, businesses and communities to offer a holiday lifestyle experience that is all about staycations in North Wales.

Whether that is to highlight: –

  • a place to visit
  • an adventure to discover
  • a new lodge or holiday home to buy
  • a place to stay
  • somewhere to eat
  • something to do
  • somewhere to go
  • a service
  • a business
  • a location

we want to make it easy for those visiting, living or staying in North Wales as part of their staycation holidays, to find what they are looking for in one place, in a joined up way that also supports businesses and communities.

By collaborating positively together, we can all share what is great about this UK nation and support great North Wales staycation opportunities in this changing COVID-19 pandemic era.  

To do this, we work with many businesses and other organisations, for free, where possible. Sponsored posts and advertorials are highlighted, but we strive to offer information that helps you decide whether to reach out and connect with a business, or visit a location because you like what you see and read. Some posts will be paid for and we will identify the obvious business promotions to make it easy for you to identify.

We hope you will enjoy the next chapter in the MTMO story.

Get in touch with any suggestions by emailing us at We are here to listen and if you would like us to feature something that helps you enjoy your holidays in North Wales, please reach out and tell us.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so help us build the next chapter of the MTMO story together.