Stephen Ben Morris MTMO

Stephen Ben Morris

Web Design & Development

I love everything digital – technology, hardware and software. But more importantly I strongly believe in finding easy ways for individuals, communities, businesses and organisations to work together, both online and offline. By using technology intelligently, we can all benefit from the advancements in the digital arena and I believe in sharing my skills with others to offer affordable access to digital marketing and SEO.

Whilst creating the MTMO SEO media platform, I have been able to explore how best to serve businesses and communities, helping them all connect with each other, their networks, customers and audiences.

By joining the dots digitally to support networks and communities through accessible and affordable innovative use of software, analytics, mobile technology, intranet, project management tools, automation and apps, we can create easy ways to help everyone work together more effectively, supporting them to deliver on expectations, suppling information to others online and within their own communities, enabling offline connections in the real world.

MTMO enshrines community and as I also work in the third sector, I champion the sharing of skills and abilities to further the aims and objectives of all great community projects and businesses.


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