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Max van der Heiden

Sales & Digital Marketing

As founder of Elixir Agency, I specialise in branding, web design, marketing collateral and digital marketing.

As an award-winning designer and marketeer, with a Masters in Marketing, I adopt a unique approach to digital marketing that combines website design with the delivery of effective story telling through a range of creative resources that also includes social media, presentations, advertising and other forms of digital promotion.

My passion lies in combining brand communications with digital marketing strategies for businesses who are looking for a unique and proactive approach to their marketing.

Part of a digital strategy encompasses effective use of promotional tools that efficiently harness SEO (search engine optimisation) to tell a brand’s story effectively. MTMO offers additional affordable digital resources to businesses and communities that will complement their existing marketing strategies. As MTMO is a creative SEO platform for businesses and communities and utilises up to date technological advancement to help web users search for information, it is possible to utilise additional web pages to target different key phrases outside of a businesses own website, or social media platform without the use of PPC (pay per click) advertising.

MTMO also offers a starting point for small or start up businesses who need to get on line quickly, before progressing to the creation of their own website too. Community working through MTMO Connect also offers opportunities to collaborate, interact, share skills and news easily, all designed to promote, cross-sell and support businesses and communities working together to achieve similar goals, objectives and continual, progressive growth.

As a digital marketeer, I believe in working with businesses and communities as part of their team, because together we reach a wider audience through a targeted rounded, all-encompassing digital strategy.

Get in touch with any questions at I am here to help.


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