Louise Barlow MTMO

Louise Barlow

Founder & Team Leader

As a former a lawyer specialising in legal aid work, I was involved, as managing partner, in the implementation of new systems and streamlined procedures that became possible as working practices changed from typewriters, word processors to computers.

Ironically I was in a profession that adapts to change slowly and when I retired at 39 from Law I had already assessed that businesses and services needed to evolve and adapt to the changing digital arena.

However my journey of discovery since then has been a long one, as I strongly believe in understanding all the elements that play out, before offering a solution to others.

As the founder and leader of MTMO, the principles of sharing knowledge and technology with businesses and communities is an important one, as is offering integrated, affordable and time saving solutions that allow others to do what they do best.

By working with businesses, communities and individuals we can share information online that translates to connections offline.

Together we all move forward and grow. Digital advertising and marketing is only part of the story for every business or community.

If you have any questions please get in touch at louise@makethemostof.co.uk.


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