Elizabeth Evans

Communities Director

I am committed to working with communities to find solutions to the problems that poor health choices and postcode poverty bring. Social resilience has to be built into the way we access services for our own well-being and that of all who live in the wider community. I believe, as does MTMO, that businesses lead in communities and have an invaluable role to play in forging strong links and connections between people working and living within them. Creating social resilience is a collective responsibility that affects us all and that means connecting the dots between all organisations and people, starting at a grassroots level and in some cases going back to basics.

I have worked within the third sector, social health and public sector for many years and have great insight into the strategies and challenges facing our communities as austerity kicks in and public funding and services are cut. There are different solutions out there and thinking outside the box is key to creating new sustainable opportunities for communities and businesses. I believe this can only be achieved by working together to bridge the gaps that break down the silos that currently exist, where even now in a digital world, people don’t always know what is happening on their own doorsteps, never mind within their own organisations.

Pushing through change is always hard, but I like the fact that MTMO actively looks to connect businesses and communities in innovative ways, which involves digital technology that is logical and practical, inclusive and informative. Exciting times ahead and an opportunity to be part of something a little bit different. MTMO strives to put people first by facilitating the sharing of information that encourages new connections and growth in communities through business.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at community@makethemostof.co.uk.


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