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MTMO is all about getting you connected – in search engines and through community networking options. One place for everything with several ways to work with us. Inclusive packages that wrap advertising, marketing and community working and project management all into one if you need it.

Make The Most Of is a multipurpose digital marketing, advertising, networking and project management platform for businesses and community organisations. We offer inclusive advertising packages and tailored/bespoke community packages, plus a raft of linked services all of which are designed to support your own business/community growth and development

The MTMO Platform is integrated with SEO software that is integral to its functionality and is designed to highlight the key areas that your audience and customers may be looking for online when surfing for information in search engines such as Google, on either a mobile device, tablet or desktop. It also offers other networking and community working options through the MTMO intranet which also includes project management tools, event management, bespoke forums, news sharing and internal messaging and much much more.

The MTMO private intranet is called MTMO Connect and has been designed for unique community working across all sectors.

MTMO Connect will allow communities to evolve organically online, reflecting what happens in the real world regardless of whether they are a business or community based organisation.

In fact lead businesses will be able to create their own private MTMO networking community based upon their own client list. This can be an easy way to manage client retention strategies. The same applies for community groups who want to work together offline, with the private MTMO intranet offering facilities that encourages sharing  information and knowledge that is also linked to project management, targets and defined project outcomes.

In other words we advertise and market (tell the world) what you do in the front of house part of the website that is visible to everyone in search engines through your MTMO web pages, blogs and social media posts, allowing you to reach your own audience and customers AND we support you through your own private login area where sharing information, ideas, and events is made easy from a dashboard that also offers project management tools, forums, messaging and email through the MTMO Intranet.

We offer a range of all-inclusive digital marketing opportunities through a selection of pricing plans that suit all budgets and needs, because over 73% of people who use the internet are looking for information – and the quality of that information online is important. We want to support connections between people looking for help, information and services. Sometimes people don’t know what they are looking for, or whether they need it when they find it, which is why blogs and well written articles and webpages are a great way to inform and ‘sell’ what you do and offer.

In relation to local community services and businesses, how many of us really know what is happening and available on our doorstep?

We appreciate that all businesses and communities are unique and that is why we offer the services we do, in order to complement all the hard work they do themselves in terms of their own website and marketing.

We understand that keeping a website up-to-date is time consuming and in some cases expensive. That is why we work with you to create different opportunities to signpost people to your door – either online or offline.

Getting to grips with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is hard and sometimes you won’t know where to turn. That is why we include optimised web pages, contact details, edited text, blogs, social media and analytic data to help you understand what people are searching for when it comes to a business, organisation or community like yours. Your MTMO webpages are extra adverts to highlight what you do in a slightly different way.

MTMO offers you additional online advertising marketing and a web page that directs your audience to you in a number of ways – contact details, links to your social media accounts, direct messaging, blogs, links to your website (if you have one) and through edited key worded content that helps search engines find what you do and offer.

Belonging to a larger online community can help you share the load when it comes to creating content that is new and updated, as well as keeping up to date with new technologies that search engines like and prefer.  Yes it is important that you add new content to your own website but keeping other bases covered is important too, especially if time is a factor in managing your day.

Being seen in other places besides your own website, offers different opportunities to attract new customers and this is the service MTMO offers. It allows you to find different ways to share information with your target audience and customers online by concentrating on alternative key searches. In other words MTMO complements all your other marketing (online and offline) strategies.

As we are continually looking at new technology to help promote our businesses and communities. It allows us to share the burden and costs. By working together to meet your ongoing digital needs, our experts are always seeking out new ways to meet the changes entering the business and digital arena on a daily basis. By continually upgrading our web systems and adding new technologies, we can cost effectively share a number of digital tools to help make it easier for businesses and communities to work together to reach their audiences online that hopefully forges new connections offline too.

No. Make The Most of works on a transparent 0% commission policy so all traffic that reaches your website through click throughs from your MTMO webpages and social media links are free. There are no additional charges outside of the MTMO pricing plans or bespoke/tailored package, unless you decide to purchase extra services through us or our affiliated partners to help your business or community promotion.

MTMO is all about getting your audience and customers to your door – online and offline.

The Standard Plan acts as an advert and directory listing to describe your business or one service or one product. It is a 12 month contract which you can pay monthly if you prefer. However, if you opt of the annual cost (which is paid up front at the time you join us) you will receive a discount of £30.

The Standard Advert will work for all types of businesses or community groups and offers multiple options for bigger organisations who want to target specific key phrases, especially as MTMO is an SEO (search engine optimisation) driven platform.

It is suitable for tradespeople, artisans, hobbyist or businesses who don’t want the hassle of running their own website, but want to appear in search engines, not just Facebook.

MTMO web pages/adverts offer businesses the opportunity to promote what they do for 12 months – whatever their sector – and is an excellent way to target additional search terms used within their own website.

We advise businesses and communities who offer multiple services/goods to use one MTMO web page for each target audience/key word. This helps spread the word through a variety of ways and can complement the work they do indecently through their own website or social media accounts.

If in doubt ask one off the MTMO Team for help at If you would like to chat, please leave your telephone number.

The MTMO Business Package is ideal for businesses and communities who have more than one product or service to advertise, market and promote online. This is a 12 month contract which you can pay monthly with the bonus option to pay annually for a discount of £60.

The MTMO Business Package is also ideal for businesses or groups and communities who have a variety of products, services or information they wish to advertise, market and promote online.

It is also suitable for sellers who wish to promote their goods for sale elsewhere as we link the pages to their own website product pages so that their customers can buy directly from them through their own website and payment gateway – helping their own SEO.

The MTMO Business Package is a 12 month contract. You can pay monthly by recurring payments, or you can receive a bonus discount of £60 if you opt for the annual payment.

The Community Plan has been created for several situations, not all of them obvious. Every community is unique. A community can be a town, a voluntary group, a group of businesses working together, a group of third sector organisations working together, a business network or a business who wishes to create their own community online to support their clients and manage the sharing of information together.

As the MTMO Community Plan includes access to the facilities of MTMO Connect – a private intranet facility and it is designed as an easy way to create a network for connecting groups of businesses, where sharing views, ideas, asking questions is all part of the forum management tool. It will also allow for networking opportunities and offers a raft of project management tools. Internal messaging all comes part of the package, allowing a series of people to work together to achieve joint goals.

The MTMO Community Package is a bespoke option and is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation’s goals and objectives. It also offers not for profit organisations the opportunity to raise sponsors through their brand pages. This works by offering local businesses the opportunity to showcase their support and receive an independent digital MTMO web page (akin to the Standard MTMO Advert web page) that sits under the lead community umbrella organisation.

Check out our ABOUT page to find out more. If you think there is potential for us to work with you, please contact us today at We are here to help and believe that by facilitating new opportunities businesses can support and lead communities too.

Here at MTMO the Team understand that every business, organisation or community have different goals, priorities and needs. That is why we offer bespoke digital advertising, marketing & networking options under a Community or Agency Advertising Plan as we work with you to target new ways to reach new clients, audience, sponsors or communities.

The MTMO Team are innovative in the way they look at helping businesses, organisations and communities and are very good at thinking outside the box.

The private MTMO Community Intranet offers a raft of opportunities to create private interactive groups that work to centralise communications, networking and connections. Forums are a great way to share feedback and cross-sell services to others within the group.

For charities and community groups, MTMO offers a different form of marketing opportunity that attracts sponsors. In a difficult cost cutting social environment finding new and innovative ways to source sponsorship is challenging. MTMO understands this and we thrive on exploring new ideas with the 3rd sector.

For professionals who are looking to work with their clients socially as well as professionally MTMO Connect will take some of the organisational stress that goes with negotiating large groups of clients in a transparent way.

Many professional organisations are looking at ways to run networked digital solutions that offer extra resources to aid client retention The MTMO platform not only offers an added value to a service provided by a professional business (through digital marketing and online advertising), it also offers the lead professional business the opportunity to create their professional network for their own clients.

To find out more reach out to us at We are here to help.

This will depend upon which MTMO Advertising Pricing Plan you opt for. However, as a rule of thumb, we suggest that when you add information for your service or product MTMO web page, you choose only one main description per MTMO web page, as this will help you maximise your SEO impact in search engines such as Google.

You can use this opportunity to focus on slightly different ways of describing what you do or offer. This will help capture different search terms used by an internet user who is looking for information online, because they will type their own keywords into the search bar on Google or Bing, whether on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

That is why we have created a range of questions that ensure you focus on the type of information you want your clients and audience to know about you.

We always edit and adapt what you write before it goes live to amplify the key phrase identified for each MTMO web page. We do this from the information you give to us through your login and dashboard area. This is where you will highlight what you wish to promote to your audience.  We will make suggestions and share with you what we are doing too.

This will depend upon which MTMO Advertising Pricing Plan you opt for. However, as a rule of thumb, we suggest that when you add information for your service or product MTMO web page, you choose only one main description per MTMO web page, as this will help you maximise your SEO impact in search engines such as Google.

You can use this opportunity to focus on slightly different ways of describing what you do or offer. This will help capture different search terms used by an internet user who is looking for information online, because they will type their own keywords into the search bar on Google or Bing, whether on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

That is why we have created a range of questions that ensure you focus on the type of information you want your clients and audience to know about you.

We always edit and adapt what you write before it goes live to amplify the key phrase identified for each MTMO web page. We do this from the information you give to us through your login and dashboard area. This is where you will highlight what you wish to promote to your audience.  We will make suggestions and share with you what we are doing too.

The Business/Community Advertising Packages will offer eCommerce businesses the opportunity to advertise and promote their products as MTMO web page adverts, where clear CTA (call to action) button will link to the corresponding page on their own website. That means customers to buy directly from the sellers through their own payment gateway. This gives you complete control over your sales and customers.

Your MTMO advertising pages would include email address, telephone number, bricks and mortar address, and the website details you want your customers and audience to have access to. This allows them to connect with you directly should they choose. These are important pieces of information which can cause the most anxiety for web users when they cannot find them easily.

Giving your potential customer the option to contact you in a number of ways will help them make the decision to get in touch with you directly.

A MTMO web page is designed to describe your business, organisation, community, product or service. When advertising a product or service it is important to restrict each page to one description per featured MTMO advert to maximise audience reach in search engines.

If you are a seller your product page will have a CTA (call to action) button that will link to your own correlating website page where your customers can buy directly from you through your own payment gateway. In all other cases call to action buttons will link through to your website if you have one, display email addresses, or telephone numbers. It may be possible to have more than one CTA button on each MTMO advertising web page.

Photography, images, graphics are key to engaging with your customers. Automated systems are in place to ensure only quality images are uploaded to your MTMO advertising web pages.

Yes. By providing the Google Map & Street View references, you can offer location based information to your customers. Only suitable for those who wish to advertise their address and bricks and mortar premises. This also ties in with the provision of the mapping pins and location based search that runs throughout the MTMO platform.

No. The MTMO website is responsive which means it works on mobile devices, tablets and desktops. If you do not have a mobile friendly website and have no immediate plans to upgrade it, then your MTMO webpages will help search engines such as Google find you. We will provide you with a link to direct visitors to your own website so that they may find out more about you. Your MTMO advertising web page is designed to signpost your audience to you, because they have the information they need to connect with you.

In addition the MTMO website is https enabled which search engines such as Google prefer for security reasons.

Yes, although we will always check and edit where necessary before it goes live, you will have access to your own private MTMO dashboard and will have space to add information and make amendments during the course of your years advert. This will be available only through your personal secure login. From here you will be able to upload your information about your products, services, business, organisation or community. You will be able to keep track of your MTMO account and view your analytics at intervals depending on the MTMO Advertising Pricing Plan you have opted for.

Your MTMO dashboard will also give you access to the private MTMO community intranet if you have opted for a Community package.

Yes if we need to. Every business, product or service is unique, as are communities. We rely on you to provide us with the information that explains exactly what you do and offer so that we can edit and create unique content just for your MTMO web pages, avoiding duplicate content issues as part of your unique advertising and digital marketing strategy with us. This is all designed to complement all the other brand and message marketing you undertake as part of your own business strategy.

No. All content displayed on your MTMO web pages must be unique. By that, we mean that whatever you upload to your MTMO login area and dashboard, it must not be the same as it is written on other websites, including yours. If you have trouble writing about your own business or organisation, then please say so as we can help create original content from information you provide. That is what we are here for. However if you do copy and paste it from your own website or from somewhere else you must tell us when you upload it to your MTMO login area, as this will alert us to what we need to do with it when it arrives. Failure to do this will cause problems with duplicate content, with possible penalties in search engines such as Google. The whole point of MTMO web pages is to give you additional opportunities to describe what you do, so that you have another bite of the cherry to attract your audience to you and what you do through different information.

Yes. Unlike your Facebook pages, your MTMO web pages will be search engine friendly, which  means they can be seen in search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo as well as through the search options within the MTMO platform.

Yes if you have one. This is because over 73% of people use the internet to search for information before they engage a service, buy a product or visit a store, location or somewhere to eat or stay, and we want to drive footfall to your door.  We, through information, highlight your offer and add links where we can to drive traffic to your website, so that people can find out more about you and connect with you directly. This can be through your MTMO advertising and marketing web pages, blogs and social media links.

Yes. You will be able to add your social media links when uploading your information to your private login area and dashboard.

Yes from information you provide through your MTMO dashboard, which you access through your secure login. The number of blogs we create and post will depend upon the MTMO Advertising Plan you have chosen.

There are also options to buy extra Blogs for your MTMO pages too, as well as for your own website. Any blogs written and posted on MTMO for you, should not be added to your own website or another platform that is visible to external search engines such as Google. You can of course post them Facebook as these platforms are basically their own search engines and content is not seen in Google.

If you wish to have blogs written for your own website then you can also access blog writing services too by contacting the

Blogs are an important way to tell your brand story and create interest in what you are doing. It is about sharing information with your audience in the hope that they will make contact directly with you. Blogs on MTMO are created from information you provide and will not be duplicate content. MTMO blogs will be informative with a focus on key search terms to attract web surfers looking for information, in the hope that they will connect with you through featured links to your website. Your contact information we will always be displayed.

Yes. Marketing through film is becoming an essential digital marketing tool when looking for new ways to engage with customers and brand development. We have created opportunities for businesses and communities to upload their brand and marketing films to their MTMO web pages to engage their audience. This can be a YouTube, Vimeo or native film upload from your phone – the choice is yours. The film does not have to be unique, but for native upload (so from your smartphone or tablet) it has to belong to you in terms of copyright.

We will keyword films differently where appropriate to attract different search results in Google and other search engines.

Yes if you have signed up for the Business or Community/Agency Advertising Packages.

That means you can substitute our MTMO logo for your own and create a tailored look that is all about your business or organisation to support your own brand marketing.

This is also an ideal opportunity for organisations and small businesses who don’t want the hassle of creating and running their own website to have a branding message displayed online.

Yes. We have created a specific In-house SEO programme designed to flag improvements on the content quality of the key worded phrases in your MTMO adverts and web pages set against performance in search engines. You will have access to analytics and reports, the detail of which will depend upon your MTMO Advertising Package.

The automated reports work with bots who screen data and monitor progress on a daily basis. Reports are compiled from their findings. Tweeks by the MTMO Team (humans) here and there will help improve performance of your webpages during the 12 months that your advert runs on MTMO.

The reports will show things like, how many people looked at your MTMO pages, what search term attracted the visit, what adjustments were made and how many click throughs to your website or social media accounts and how many MTMO website visitors there were – unique and returning.

Your digital activity will be amplified by the collective approach taken with others in your community.

Here at MTMO, everyone can benefit from each other’s blogs and activity, especially if you are all aiming to attract footfall to a region, high streets etc… All we do is replicate what happens in the physical world as part of a community online strategy that benefits all taking part online and offline. Together businesses and communities are stronger working together, regardless of whether it is online or in the physical world. The internet for businesses can be an isolating factor in any business growth, especially if embracing the digital world for the first time. It can be time consuming and expensive, especially as digital marketing services are generally expensive because they add up over time. By sharing and working together as part of a group or community or category/sector, businesses can provide more useful information and messages to the searching end user to increase a virtual or physical footfall.

Contact us at if you would like to find out more.

MTMO digital adverts are designed to complement your website and increase your presence in Google. The MTMO digital advert is written to attract extra traffic to your own website. Google does not read all the posts in Facebook or LinkedIn. We will also work on other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to give a wider online exposure to your business, products, services or community – all part of an overall strategy to raise your business profile and the community you are part of.

Yes. We appreciate every business, community or organisation is unique and therefore we work to find the right solution for them. We believe it is important to understand their challenges first before working with them to identify a suitable strategy. For example a High Street will require a different digital marketing strategy to the local rugby club. This involves sharing information, brainstorming and narrowing down the areas that need extra help in reaching a wider audience.

That is why we have created our MTMO Community and Agency Advertising Plans. These offer a more bespoke option for those who have a collaborating or collective objective, where sharing is essential to the success of the project or organisation.

MTMO has always been about recognising the great work that goes on behind the scenes in communities. People count, just as much as the communities and businesses in which they live and work. There are many layers to MTMO and sharing is a key part to what we do.

Listening, understanding and working together are our fundamental principles. Every business should have a voice, regardless of size or type of organisation and community. That is why we have introduced MTMO Connect for those who desire to work together online and offline.

As part of your MTMO advertising web page, you will be able to feature your business address, including Google map links and street view. MTMO advertising packages all include map and contact pins to help identify and locate your community, premises, shop etc….

Belonging to a wider online community offers you the opportunity to take part in a location based content marketing strategy for your area. MTMO, when working with businesses and communities include specific key phrases and metadata for search engines to highlight your high street, region, town, or club/organisation location.

The MTMO web pages we create and write will be designed to offer information that can be found in organic search in a number of ways and not through Google Business listings or paid advertising (PPC). What we offer is an additional way for businesses and organisations to be found through search engines outside of paid advertising and banner adverts, which some people find annoying. Ad blocking is on the increase, which means some paid adverts will not be seen. For every clicked Google Ad or banner Ad, a cost is incurred by the business or organisation and it becomes expensive when there is no sales conversion. That is why MTMO has built in SEO software and no hidden costs outside agreed MTMO advertising packages.

MTMO is an online SEO driven advertising and marketing media platform designed to digitally promote independent businesses and the communities in which they operate via organic search techniques, content marketing, blogging, informative MTMO web pages and social media. MTMO facilitates opportunities for businesses and communities to work together because we believe that by offering a more cohesive digital option, everyone benefits through an affordable sharing ethos that helps connect people and promote sustainable business and community growth.

Yes, the MTMO Standard Advert is only £150 per year (£180 if a monthly payment option taken). We have deliberately priced the MTMO digital adverts at an affordable price, so that even the smallest business can join the MTMO community, or get online for the first time. We believe in supporting and helping small businesses in their digital marketing so they can be part of an online community that replicates that which already exists in physical world.


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