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MTMO is a Digital Advertising & Marketing Platform designed to

connect people with businesses, organisations, 3rd sector

community projects & communities through search.

Optimised MTMO web pages

support this strategy by

increasing your

online visibility

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MTMO Business Advertising

MTMO Connects You To Your Audience

Business Growth depends on finding new ways to connect with your customers

Finding affordable hassle-free solutions to support an online digital marketing strategy is key for many businesses.

Sourcing information online is key to defining the choices we make next


Over 73% of people search online for information before they take the next steps. This can be at home, at work or on the go.

MTMO Business adverts and services are designed to support businesses & communities

Our range of business and marketing support packages include affordable digital marketing solutions and SEO analytics.

Businesses, partners and communities can benefit from social media posts, a dynamic intranet platform, innovative advertising, blogs, PR and much more.

Customer and client expectations have changed, they expect to access information online

Businesses understand that today’s world of marketing is complex, confusing and time consuming.

Identifying your unique selling points will help you increase your online visibility

MTMO offers several digital marketing and advertising solutions that are designed to increase a businesses visibility in search engines such as Google. This helps your customers connect directly with you when and how they want.

Digital inclusion means accessing online information and services for all

The MTMO digital marketing platform is designed to help forge new connections in both business and communities. One doesn’t survive without the other.

Keeping up to date with innovation by sharing resources will help businesses and communities stay connected in a digital world.

Information gives you a choice, a voice

and the means to connect

For Everyone

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Connecting people is essential for

collaborating communities to succeed 

For Communities

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MTMO Online Business Advertising

Achieving more by continuing to connect Businesses & Communities

By promoting your products and services, MTMO provides businesses and communities with valuable digital exposure.

Getting seen in Google search, with the increased use of smart phones and tablets, has become imperative.
Over 90% of people search Google for information in the UK and much of this is done ‘on the go’.

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MTMO Business Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation

How MTMO Supports Businesses

Intuitive in-house SEO analytics platform.

MTMO performance and analytic reports.

Monitored, adjusted and edited content to increase performance in search results.

Enhancing search engine optimisation on the go.

MTMO Analytics & SEO
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Maximise Your Reach

Catered digital advert from information provided by you.

MTMO provides a secure login.

Your own dashboard enables you to remain in control.

MTMO Packages

Services We Offer

Build your own MTMO digital advert.

Tailored and bespoke digital marketing.

Be found through location based search.

The MTMO platform is for all kinds of business and communities.

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MTMO Promotes Businesses & Communities Online

MTMO Offers Affordable Digital Marketing Solutions

Start building your tailored MTMO advert today

A standard MTMO Advert costs as little as £15 per month (or £150 per year) and includes;

  • 1 x 12-month optimised web page
  • Overview – 50 words
  • Information led advert – 350 words
  • Optimised content & editing
  • 4 images
  • Map pin with basic information & direction links
  • Full contact details
  • Direct messaging service to you from your customers
  • Basic SEO reports
  • Links to website/social media
  • 8 social media posts per month across your own Twitter & Facebook social media accounts + MTMO’s Twitter & Facebook

Can you afford to miss out?

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Our Experts Are Here To Help

The MTMO Team

The MTMO Team offer a wide range of skills and knowledge to support businesses and communities.

Understanding your problem makes it easier for us to hep you.

Peter Denton
Connector of People, Networking & Sales

I have supported small businesses, individuals and a variety of organisations over my lengthy 30 year + career as an accountant and business mentor, and have witnessed how they can achieve much more when they chose to work and collaborate together.

I am very proud to be part of the MTMO team, because together, we are all stronger when connections are made easier between businesses and their wider audience, customers and communities.

Through a digital inclusion strategy for all joining businesses, we are able to connect online and offline communities. I enjoy exploring ‘out of the box’ solutions that include new digital opportunities for businesses, their customers, organisations, third-sector projects and communities.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more on 07760749082 or email me at

Max van der Heiden MTMO
Max van der Heiden
Sales & Digital Marketing

As founder of Elixir Agency, I specialise in branding, web design, marketing collateral and digital marketing.

As an award-winning designer and marketeer, with a Masters in Marketing, I adopt a unique approach to digital marketing that combines website design with the delivery of effective story telling through a range of creative resources that also includes social media, presentations, advertising and other forms of digital promotion.

My passion lies in combining brand communications with digital marketing strategies for businesses who are looking for a unique and proactive approach to their marketing.

Part of a digital strategy encompasses effective use of promotional tools that efficiently harness SEO (search engine optimisation) to tell a brand’s story effectively. MTMO offers additional affordable digital resources to businesses and communities that will complement their existing marketing strategies. As MTMO is a creative SEO platform for businesses and communities and  utilises up to date technological advancement to help web users search for information, it is possible to utilise additional web pages to target different key phrases outside of a businesses own website, or social media platform without the use of PPC (pay per click) advertising.

MTMO also offers a starting point for small or start up businesses who need to get on line quickly, before progressing to the creation of their own website too. Community working through MTMO Connect also offers opportunities to collaborate, interact, share skills and news easily, all designed to promote, cross-sell and support businesses and communities working together to achieve similar goals, objectives and continual, progressive growth.

As a digital marketeer, I believe in working with businesses and communities as part of their team, because together we reach a wider audience through a targeted rounded, all-encompassing digital strategy.

Get in touch with any questions at I am here to help.

Martin Williams MTMO
Martin Williams
PR & Social Media

With more than 20 years’ experience in the media and public relations, I have developed many skills to highlight the true excellence and human stories behind businesses, organisations and communities.

As a former business editor at the Daily Post and head of communications at Wrexham Glyndwr University, I have had the good fortune of working across all sectors alongside some incredible individuals who work hard to support the environment in which they operate.

Social media is also an invaluable PR tool, where sharing ‘news’ is immediate, responsive and personal. Timely postings offer an instant messaging service that can stop ‘bad press’ in its tracks and turn a difficult situation into a positive one.

As a director of Radar PR I work closely with journalists and media partners in North Wales and beyond, and pride myself on the partnerships and contacts I have built-up in TV, radio and the local and national press over the years.

MTMO offers businesses and communities a collaborative way of working, something I believe is key for forging long term fruitful connections and opportunities for sustainable growth. By sharing information online we can support offline activity in high streets, communities and businesses.

Good PR will create positive business profiles, supporting community interaction. Blog writing, content creation for websites, social media and press releases are all part of the PR marketing mix I offer, all of which are important in today’s digital world.

Crisis management too can be a vital PR requirement in times of unforeseen circumstances and is another service I am able to provide. Reducing the fall out from ‘bad news’ is paramount to safeguarding reputations and requires swift intervention and timely management.

Get in touch if I can help at

Libby DUO MTMO Profile
Libby Duo
Communities Director

I am committed to working with communities to find solutions to the problems that poor health choices and postcode poverty bring. Social resilience has to be built into the way we access services for our own well-being and that of all who live in the wider community.  I believe, as does MTMO, that businesses lead in communities and have an invaluable role to play in forging strong links and connections between people working and living within them. Creating social resilience is a collective responsibility that affects us all and that means connecting the dots between all organisations and people, starting at a grassroots level and in some cases going back to basics.

I have worked within the third sector, social health and public sector for many years and have great insight into the strategies and challenges facing our communities as austerity kicks in and public funding and services are cut. There are different solutions out there and thinking outside the box is key to creating new sustainable opportunities for communities and businesses. I believe this can only be achieved by working together to bridge the gaps that break down the silos that currently exist, where even now in a digital world, people don’t always know what is happening on their own doorsteps, never mind within their own organisations.

Pushing through change is always hard, but I like the fact that MTMO actively looks to connect businesses and communities in innovative ways, which involves digital technology that is logical and practical, inclusive and informative. Exciting times ahead and an opportunity to be part of something a little bit different. MTMO strives to put people first by facilitating the sharing of information that encourages new connections and growth in communities through business.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at

Stephen Ben Morris MTMO
Stephen Ben Morris
Web Design & Development

I love everything digital – technology, hardware and software. But more importantly I strongly believe in finding easy ways for individuals, communities, businesses and organisations to work together, both online and offline. By using technology intelligently, we can all benefit from the advancements in the digital arena and I believe in sharing my skills with others to offer affordable access to digital marketing and SEO.

Whilst creating the MTMO SEO media platform, I have been able to explore how best to serve businesses and communities, helping them all connect with each other, their networks, customers and audiences.

By joining the dots digitally to support networks and communities through accessible and affordable innovative use of software, analytics, mobile technology, intranet, project management tools, automation and apps, we can create easy ways to help everyone work together more effectively, supporting them to deliver on expectations,  suppling information to others online and within their own communities, enabling offline connections in the real world.

MTMO enshrines community and as I also work in the third sector, I champion the sharing of skills and abilities to further the aims and objectives of all great community projects and businesses.

Louise Barlow MTMO
Louise Barlow
Founder & Team Leader

As a former a lawyer specialising in legal aid work, I was involved, as managing partner, in the implementation of new systems and streamlined procedures that became possible as working practices changed from typewriters, word processors to computers.

Ironically I was in a profession that adapts to change slowly and when I retired at 39 from Law I had already assessed that businesses and services needed to evolve and adapt to the changing digital arena.

However my journey of discovery since then has been a long one, as I strongly believe in understanding all the elements that play out, before offering a solution to others.

As the founder and leader of MTMO, the principles of sharing knowledge and technology with businesses and communities is an important one, as is offering integrated, affordable and time saving solutions that allow others to do what they do best.

By working with businesses, communities and individuals we can share information online that translates to connections offline.

Together we all move forward and grow. Digital advertising and marketing is only part of the story for every business or community.

If you have any questions please get in touch at

Janet Matthews MTMO
Janet Matthews
Business Coach, Mentor & Social Entrepreneur

Working as a business coach and mentor, I understand how important it is to get people working together. Businesses lead communities and by working in partnership it is possible to bring about changes that makes our working and personal lives, more productive and healthier at work, rest and play.

MTMO brings exciting opportunities to businesses and their communities, where sharing knowledge through innovative use of technology and a dedicated team, offers key ways to support growth, well-being and interaction, both online and in the real world. Saving time and making the ‘job’ easier is all part of what MTMO is about.

No business can succeed without support and dedication and having worked with more than 4000 people over 25 years, I understand the importance of ‘making the job easier’ and ‘getting the job done’ for the growth of a business and within communities.

Make The Most Of understands this too. I am delighted to be a member of the MTMO team. I love that ‘thinking outside the box’ creates new ideas and opportunities for others, all of which are designed to support businesses and communities together. I believe Working Together is key in making our working day an easier place to be, where growth is stimulated through positive interactions and new perspective.

I support business & professional owners/managers with personal development, team building, and problem solving, through 1 -1 coaching, facilitating group discussions, and delivery of Business Development Sets.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch at

Pippa Ninja MTMO
Pippa Ninja
Our friendly Chat Bot

Hello, I am a digitised chat bot called Pippa Ninja and I have been designed by Ben to assist you find what you are looking for.

I may also ask you questions if I need further ideas on how to solve your problem.

Although you chat with me through a message box, I am not a human, but  have been created to assist you in any way I have been programmed.

It is lovely to meet you, but if I can not help you please contact one of the human MTMO team members at

Damian Jones MTMO
Damian Jones
Systems & Network Auditor

I am a certified Microsoft systems engineer with extensive knowledge of network integration and upgrades.

I specialise in network audits, Office 365 implementation, installation of Exchange On-Line and other applications.

I advise on network and software upgrades right through to installation.

Contact me at for further information.

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