Connecting People Supports Community & Business Growth

By offering innovative ways to connect people online, we can work together 
to create and support sustainable communities offline.

MTMO Connect offers valuable project management

tools, the ability to share information, skills,

knowledge and a networking facility that

allows businesses and communities to

work together with the aim of

reaching their joint goals

and ambitions.


Together businesses and communities

can achieve so much more.

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MTMO Community Services

MTMO Connect For Community Working

MTMO Connect is affordable for businesses & communities wishing to work together

The MTMO Business & Community Intranet Hub is a place where clients, businesses, community friends and participants stay connected and in touch.

MTMO Connect allows you to be reactive to requests and the needs of your community.

We believe in connecting people with information, giving them choices, a voice and a way to collaborate, share, network, project manage, discuss, event plan and promote in affordable and practical ways. 

Project management tools will keep you on track

Staying focused and organised in one place will help deliver on objectives, goals and outcomes – all essential for evidencing return on investment in time, resources and expenditure.

MTMO Connect supports efficient working to make working together easier

MTMO Connect offers businesses and communities the opportunity to explore innovative, ‘outside the box’ client retention strategies that add value to their own services. 

MTMO Connect supports community groups in fund raising to help their good causes.

Funding for community groups, projects and 3rd sector organisations is getting harder and working collaboratively with others through MTMO Connect you can raise awareness and funds.

Staying connected keeps projects and events alive

Tailored MTMO packages offer accessible and useful digital tools in one place at affordable prices to coordinate communications between group participants and friends.

Communities share knowledge, skills and ideas

MTMO Connect is an intranet designed with you in mind

Your MTMO web pages support your digital advertising and marketing, whilst supporting your collaborative working opportunities through an intranet designed to keep you all connected, making it easier to work together to achieve your own set goals and objectives.

MTMO Connect Intranet includes: –

  • Project management tools
  • Document storage
  • Forum creation
  • Event and calendar management
  • Messaging
  • Sharing facilities
  • Discussion groups
  • News sharing
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To succeed is to share and collaborate

Keeping communities informed is the passport to growth

We understand how important it is to have accessible and useful digital tools in one place at an affordable price tag to coordinate communications between group participants and friends.

Think of MTMO Connect as your ‘community’ office and filing cabinet – your strategic online networking and management centre that will support offline activities too.

Keeping everything neat and tidy in one place saves time and stress later. That’s what MTMO Connect is all about.

How You Can Connect

Working Together Your Way

MTMO Connect is designed to support;

  • Client retention strategies
  • Networking groups
  • Small 3rd sector organisations
  • Businesses working together by community/location
  • Specific sector groups
  • Project management
  • Community groups
  • Community projects
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Businesses and Communities working together are stronger
Individuality should be championed

No one glove fits all

Every Business and Community is different.

Sharing collectively supports affordable digital marketing.

Collaborating communities achieve more together.

By complementing online advertising with a raft of project management tools that is all about connecting with others and sharing, you spread your word far and wide.

Digital advertising and marketing that also includes MTMO Connect will help you share and manage your group activities.

To find out more please contact us at and let’s explore the best bespoke and tailored solution for your community.

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