Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTMO?

MTMO is a digital advertising, content and marketing platform designed to support your online promotion and connect you with your community and customers. 

If you have a business or service that will help end users find what they are looking for when holidaying in North Wales, then MTMO is a content marketing website that is a collaborative of like minded businesses wanting to reach additional customers and foot fall to their bricks and mortar businesses. MTMO is all about providing information to those seeking it and for businesses to be found by those potential customers in one comprehensive place.  

MTMO offers a comprehensive first free business listing with the opportunity to post paid sponsored blogs plus additional listings to highlight other aspects of their business.   

Will my MTMO pages complement what I advertise elsewhere?

Belonging to a larger online community can help you share the load when it comes to creating content that is new and updated. 

Being seen in other places besides your own website, offers different opportunities to attract new customers and this is the service MTMO offers. It allows you to find different ways to share information with your target audience and customers online by concentrating on alternative key searches. In other words MTMO complements all your other marketing (online and offline) strategies.

Are there any hidden costs such as click through commissions?

No. MTMO works on a free first business listing. There are no hidden charges and if you would like more listings or sponsored blog posts, then these are priced on a fixed fee basis.

MTMO is all about getting your audience and customers to your door – online and offline.