Criccieth Castle - About MTMO

About Us

MTMO is all about you!

Are you waiting to be inspired by a holiday lifestyle that works in harmony with the rest of your working and family life?

Do you crave a hassle free holiday, day trip or long weekend away?

MTMO is all about helping you Make The Most Of what you choose to do and when you dream to do it.

North Wales is a magical region of Wales and whether you live here, stay here, day trip here or own a holiday home here, discovering what’s on the doorstep will help you enjoy your precious time here.

By working together with businesses, MTMO is able to share information that aims to meet the needs of all who choose to holiday, visit and stay in North Wales. 

Wales is a great place to holiday. We want everyone to make the most of their stays in this special UK nation. 

Make The Most Of The Beauty Of North Wales. MTMO IT!

Our Story

Finding what you need at the tips of your fingers, or a service that will help, is the passport to an enjoyable holiday! That’s why MTMO works with businesses to provide you with the type of information that will go a long way to answer your question if you have a problem, wish to plan a trip, visit a town or attraction, or buy a holiday home.


MTMO is all about joining the dots to make your holiday downtime planning easier. We work with businesses who understand the need to share what they do with you in an inspiring and informative way, that will resonate with a range of different holiday lifestyle choices.


By working collaboratively with businesses we can bring you original ideas that focus on your enjoyment, holidays and relaxation time.

Our Mission

Discovering new experiences and embarking on new adventures are all part of life’s rich tapestry.


Aspiring to a holiday lifestyle that brings a greater sense of well-being is the perfect recipe for happiness.


MTMO aims to help you achieve your aspiring holiday lifestyle in North Wales by offering you an easy way to find information that will start you on your journey of discovery and adventure in this beautiful region.

Our Values

We celebrate the natural beauty of North Wales and believe in: –


  • Thinking outside the box
  • Sharing ideas to bring new inspiration
  • Working together to share great news
  • Telling stories about local history and culture
  • Building on the regions mystical past
  • Promoting great businesses that support our magical holidays
  • Creating special memories through discovery and adventure
  • Making it easier to holiday in the way desired
  • Highlighting the well-being benefits of the great outdoors