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A Day in the Life of a Caravan Transport Team

Acorn Caravan Transport North Wales
A Day with MTMO and Acorn Caravan Transport

With numerous factors and probabilities to consider accompanied by various daily hurdles to overcome, transporting merchandise and produce can be an intense task to take on.

To find out more about the intricacies of transporting precious goods, our familiar friends at
Acorn Caravan Transport have allowed me to join them on one of their many enthralling journeys. Here I will present my documented findings and together, we can uncover what it is like to be apart of a dedicated transport team if only for a day.

Join us on our transportation journey and discover the tricks of the trade with MTMO and Acorn Caravan Transport.

Acorn Caravan Transport is a transportation company devoted to hauling a wide range of holiday homes and mobile builds, including but not limited to, Luxury Lodges, Park homes, twin units, static caravans and touring caravans.

To begin our journey, the Acorn Caravan Transport team and I started our day in the early hours of the morning at 8 am, before the crack of dawn. Although everyday seems to vary, today they were to leave their trusted truck stop, caravan loaded with escort vehicle in tow, and travel to the award-winning holiday destination, Bournemouth.

Ready and eager to go, our long, five-hour journey began. Our mission: to deliver the 14ft long static caravan to a popular holiday park in a safe, professional and timely manner.

During the expedition, I sat with lorry driver Simeon, who, although fairly new to the lorry driving scene, was able to answer every question I threw his way with confidence and ease. I learnt a lot from Simeon and developed a whole new appreciation for the time and effort it takes to move a static caravan, luxury lodge or modular build each day.

Some interesting facts uncovered include;

  • Modular builds over 12ft long have to be accompanied by an escort vehicle. The job of an escort vehicle is to ensure the lorry and whatever it is towing can do so safely and efficiently. In addition to this, they alert other road users of the transport vehicle’s presence and help them prepare (if necessary) for the lorry’s passing. In addition to this, the passenger present in the escort vehicle can help the lorry driver manoeuvre tight bents and corners, preserving the safety of the team, members of the public and the goods in transit. Escort vehicles usually tend to drive in front of the lorry, constantly touching base with the Acorn Caravan Transport lorry driver.
  • For this dynamic duo to work, constant communication has to be made between the lorry and its guiding vehicle. To do this responsibly and in a way that is secure and safe, Acorn Caravan Transport used walkie-talkies and radios that do not have to be hand held. This reduces the risk of distraction and allows the driver to focus on the road ahead. In addition to the useful communication systems, the lorry dashboard also houses a valuable satnav and rear end camera.
  • Conveying wide loads requires a movement order granted by the local authorities. This means, every time Acorn Caravan Transport and their qualified team need to move a caravan, lodge or holiday home from one location to another, a safe route, date and estimated travel time is discussed and provided by the police. This helps ensure, when in transit, the lorry and its load can avoid any road obstructions, rush hour traffic and low lying bridges.

Our journey lead us down winding country roads, past vast flowing rivers and over beautiful towering mountains, sights and scenery that most people don’t have the pleasure of viewing whilst working.

Although our voyage was met with picturesque views and unfolding beauty, the Acorn Caravan Transport team encountered many hurdles and tribulations, one notable snag being a tight squeeze on an awkward bridge.

To many this would be a deterrent, especially with such a large commodity in transit, yet the determined Acorn Caravan Transport team faced this obstacle head on with an admirable can-do attitude!

Prior to their journey, the Acorn Caravan Transport team had previously mapped out the route they would travel, knowing this bridge would have to be conquered one way or another. With problem solving skills at hand and a well-thought out plan set in place, the join forces got to work straight away!

To begin this process, lorry driver Simeon had to find a suitable, safe and spacious place to park and prepare the static caravan for this intense manoeuvre.

Once comfortably positioned, ensuring there was enough space to prep and ready the caravan with room to spare for other road users accessing the nearby bridge, the real work began. Firstly, all straps and harnesses were undone and safely stowed away until needed again.

Next, the team worked together to jack and block the impressive build to a higher height, ensuring it would pass the narrow bridge in a way that was safe and secure. Once the cargo was raised to an impressive 7ft, it was fastened in place with sturdy ties and straps, ensuring it was stable and anchored.

The bridge was taken at a slow and steady pace, allowing the driver and his guiders to manoeuvre the obstruction in a cautious and vigilant manner. Once this tedious, tense and challenging task was accomplished, all of the hard work was over and done with! The only thing left to do was de-site this precious freight and welcome it’s owner to their new dream holiday destination.

Thanks to the Acorn Caravan Transport team, the first static caravan of its kind and size was able to be delivered and sited to this usually unattainable location.

Overall, I learned that the transportation of precious goods is a long, demanding and thought-provoking task, yet the final outcome is definitely worthwhile.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

To find out more about Acorn Caravan Transport, their esteemed force and 5* service, visit their official website at Acorn Caravan Transport or visit their social medias as presented below.