10 advantages of owning a Holiday Lodge

10 advantages of owning a Holiday Lodge

10 advantages of owning a Holiday Lodge
The Benefits Of Owning A Holiday Lodge
The Llewelyn Lodge at Maes Mynan Park

Investing in your holidays is a commitment in time, family and finances. If you are thinking about buying a holiday home in the UK, why not consider buying a luxury holiday lodge on a Holiday Park that already caters to the needs of holiday homeowners, as they will offer advantages over a bricks and mortar purchase.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are rethinking how we want to spend our time when it comes to holidays. Do we want to travel with a mask on our faces for hours and wear them on a beach in Europe? Are we more inclined to crave our own personal space over shared facilities? Covid-19 has changed the way we view our surroundings, especially as lockdown brought challenging times to those who lived in cities and towns. Businesses have had to rethink how they operate and many have decided enough is enough!

Staycations are here to stay for the foreseeable future for many, especially as quarantine rules can strike at anytime wherever you are in the World and WHO has predicted that this is likely to be the case for at least 2 more years! This has amplified the desire for many to find a location that suits their staycation requirements.

Here we explore 10 advantages for owning your very own dream holiday lodge.

1. Cost Efficient – To make the most of your money, buying a holiday lodge can be cheaper than buying a bricks and mortar second home. Not only do you avoid stamp duty, you also have the opportunity to save on costly holidays abroad where queues and transfers always seem to take the fun out of the great getaway you planned for your precious downtime. Your very own holiday home will offer you the mental and physical space, time and inspiration to relax and unwind when you need it most, without the complications of owning a second bricks and mortar property! Although there will be annual pitch fees associated with a holiday lodge, it will include everything that goes with ground maintenance and security, offering peace of mind whilst you are away.  In addition most holiday homes come fully furnished in the price, are built to BS 3632 residential specification, have central heating and are double glazed throughout.

Home from home interiors as shown here in the Allure Lodge by Wessex

2. Security – Holiday lodges are usually located on designated holiday and leisure parks that have been designed to offer a high level of security for all holiday homeowners. Cameras, barrier systems, vehicle recognition software are often part and parcel of the overall Holiday Park offer, to ensure holidaymakers feel safe when in residence and when they are not. Many holiday lodge owners are relieved to have their holiday home within a ‘gated community’. Peace of mind is one of the major benefits when owning a holiday lodge on a security conscious holiday park, especially if they are open for 12 month of the the year as management are onsite too. Bricks and mortar second homes are often far more vulnerable when it comes to safety, especially if they are located in areas where there are many empty properties out of season.

Holiday Parks offer security and peace of mind whilst you are away from your holiday lodge
Holiday Parks offer security and peace of mind whilst you are away from your holiday lodge

3. Location Location Location – Holiday Parks are usually located at the centre of the action, or where there is spectacular scenery, be it in the countryside, hills, mountains, overlooking the sea or the edge of towns. It is not always possible for a bricks and mortar holiday homes to be purchased in such desirable places, especially when there are budget constraints, as spectacular views, or desirable locations attract higher price tags in popular holiday destinations. 

4. Home from home – As travelling gets more complicated and time consuming, a holiday lodge offers a really easy way to have a holiday home that is equipped with all the things you need when you move between one home to another. No more suitcases, just a way to leave all the things you need in one place for your holidays without trudging them backwards and forwards. How delightful does that sound? As many holiday lodges come equipped with washing machine and dryers, you can banish the hard work of carting all your clothes and bedding backwards and forwards everytime you go away. That sounds like a dream in itself! 

Owning a holiday lodge means no more packing every time you travel!

5. Escape any time  – Need a holiday? Want a lazy weekend away? If you own a holiday lodge all you need to do is get in the car and go whenever you have the time, or feel like a change of scenery. Busy working weeks are mentally draining and recharging the batteries away from your everyday surroundings will set you up for the following week. If you work a four day week, why not enjoy your downtime in your very own holiday lodge. After all that saying ‘ a change is as good as a rest’ is very true.  You can even leave your clothes, basic food essentials and wash items in your holiday lodge so you don’t have to pack much each time you decide to visit! With more of us working from home too, escaping from a living and working environment will become even more important.

Escape to your holiday lodge anytime you want.

6. Customise it to suit your style – Although holiday lodges can be standardised, many holiday lodge manufacturers offer a personalised and bespoke service so that you can indulge your creative side and design your perfect dream holiday lodge. By choosing the right lodge manufacturer you will have the freedom to build it to your ideal specification, right down to the last detail, be it it the style of taps in the bathroom, colour scheme in the living area or the lighting in the bedroom. The lodge manufacturing industry prides itself on their sustainable materials and eco values too and with timber framed holiday lodges surpassing many design essentials, you are guaranteed a warm comfortable and energy efficient holiday home to add that extra zest to your quality downtime.

Customise and bespoke your holiday lodge to suit your style

7. Make new friends – Buying a holiday lodge situated on your favourite holiday park will ensure you are surrounded by like minded people, especially if there are no onsite rental or sub-letting options. This opens up opportunities to meet new friends and will make your holidays more sociable and enjoyable. Meeting new people on holiday will mean you can share new discoveries together and even team up for new adventures together by discovering new places to explore across North Wales or on the doorstep of the holiday park.  

8. Pet friendly – Many Holiday Parks allow pets on site, which means you never have to worry about leaving your dog behind or in kennels when going on your holidays. Staycation holidays mean that the whole family gets to go away together, even your favourite furry friend. 

9. Plenty to do – Holiday Parks are specifically designed with you in mind and that usually means they are located in areas that offer plenty to do offsite and sometimes onsite. Choosing the right Holiday Park for your lodge is key to how you like to spend your downtime. Quiet Holiday Parks are often situated in rural locations and may have few, if any, on site entertainment options. Whereas many coastal town holiday parks offer a range of activities and entertainment on site where the hussle and bussle of the seaside prevails. It is essential when buying your holiday lodge that you consider exactly the type of holidays you prefer as location will mean everything. 

10. Money earner – Some Holiday Parks will allow you to rent your leisure lodge when you are not using it, which means you can in those circumstances recoup some of the running costs associated with owning a holiday lodge on a holiday park. However you must check with the Park that their terms and conditions do not prohibit rentals and subletting. Many owner occupier lodge parks do not allow subletting and rentals as it changes the dynamic of the holiday experience for other holiday homeowners and in these situations a breach of T&C’s could see you being asked to leave the holiday park. Always ask Park management about this before you buy if it is your intention to own a holiday lodge to rent out.